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The Alcazar Theatre Seating Sponsorship Campaign offers you a unique opportunity to create a prominent legacy in this historic building. Your donation to the Alcazar Theatre will place the name of your family, friend or business in the spotlight. Your donation is commemorated with a personalized elegant brass plaque that will be mounted on an existing seat.

Please consider making a donation to the AlcazarTheatre Seating Sponsorship Campaign and help continue the preservation of this treasure in our community.

Some Reasons to Sponsor A Seat:
• Leave a legacy for loved ones (children, grandchildren)
• Celebrate a special day (wedding, engagement, anniversary, graduation)
or achievement
• Memorialize a loved one
• Celebrate your family name
• Honor your club or business
• Include YOUR name in theater history

Each Seat Naming is $200

Seat Naming Brochure

A nice quaint theater. We're been here for a few presentations and always had a good time. It's fun talking to the actors after and telling how much you enjoyed the show.
Michael O'Connor