Carpinteria's Funniest Videos

Do you have a funny home video of yourself, friends, family, or pets that you want to share with the community? Send it to us and you could win! To help bring smiles and laughs during these tough times, we are launching a contest to determine who has Carpinteria’s Funniest Video. A good belly laugh certainly can’t hurt these days.


Contest Rules:

  • Submit your short video  to [email protected]
  • Include your full name, the person(s) who recorded the video along with email & phone. 
  • The title & short description of the video and any other important information you want to pass along. 
  • No nudity, profanity or harmful acts 
  • We reserve the right to edit or shorten the video
  • Consent from all parties for your submitted video
  • The order in which videos are presented and the order in which they are posted will be determined at the Alcazar Theatre’s sole discretion.
  • Include your Facebook link so we can tag you if your video is featured.
  • All consents & rules must be followed in order for your video to be accepted.
  • Deadline for submission May 1, 2021

How to win:

The Alcazar Theatre will post the TOP TEN videos on our Facebook page  Facebook - Alcazar Theatre and the video with the most views/likes during the voting period will be awarded the winner. So spread the word!

Prize Winners:

1st Place Winner will be awarded $500

2nd Place Winner will be awarded $100

3rd Place Winner will be awarded $50 Alcazar Theatre Gift Card

Carpinteria's Funniest Videos