Upcoming Theater Auditions Carpinteria

Upcoming Auditions

In celebration of International Women's Month, Women's Month, and Women Making Change, we present SHE; Strong, Hopeful & Empowered. A series of one-act plays about women in their livelihood.

4 One-Act Plays

Ages 20-70

Some roles may be doubled cast

  • V-For-What – 3F
  • A House Of Dolls – 4F | 1M (college)
  • Five Ex-Wives In ICU – 6F | 1M (non-speaking)
  • Late Life Safari – 3F | 1M (late 50s)

 To schedule an audition or for more info please contact: Asa Olsson 805-901-3554 / [email protected]

Beautiful, intimate venue. Outstanding acoustics. Warm and knowledgeable staff. See a show here!
Jan Rasmussen